2016 Fitness Calendar by Pete Springer Photography

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Very proud to announce my 2016 Fitness Calendar is now available for shipping!

Little bit of background first – this is my sixth annual photography calendar. The first four were swimwear calendars but last year I switched to fitness and decided to do that again this year. And while about half of my clients these days are males, for this calendar I opted to only feature females since it’s the calendar I hang in my office and use day-to-day. Second, the calendar is an actual, functioning, useful, day-to-day calendar. You can write on it and it’s a standard 8.5 x 11 format so it will easily fit in a regular folder or day planner. That is intentional. Next year I may experiment with a fancier version but this is the only version available this year.

Selecting the photos is always a challenge. I featured only photos created in the last year and they need to be in horizontal format. I had far, far, far more photos than the calendar would fit so I had to be rather brutal in narrowing them down. There were a couple of AWESOME photos that got the axe just because they were a bit too similar to other photos. Selecting the final photos is always tough and this year was the toughest selection yet.

Finally, I happen to be a HUGE photo calendar fan. Every year, I randomly order a photo calendar from random people I follow on instagram just to see what others in the industry are up to. Last year it was a calendar featuring model Sophia Miacova. This year it’s one from an Australian swimwear company TeenyB Bikinis.

Anyway, if you want to order my 2016 Fitness Calendar, click the link below. It’s $10.99 with free shipping:

Click to order 2016 Fitness Calendar by Pete Springer Photography

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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