“You absolutely have to stand out in order to get work like this”

four pro bowl uniform photos

I created a portfolio for Anthony in November. In December, his modelling agency called him up for his first ever modeling gig – a job with Nike modeling the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl football uniforms! (photos above from Nike website)

Anthony couldn’t publicly talk about the job until Nike released the photos late last week. So I caught up with Anthony over the weekend. He says the experience working for Nike was amazing.

“It was an incredible feeling to just be putting on the uniforms that these pro ball players are going to be playing in before anybody got to see them. Putting on the pads and the full outfit, I really felt like I wanted to play, really wanted to suit up and go play some ball. It was so cool to live that for a little bit.”

I asked Anthony how he was selected for this cool job. He says there was no casting call. He was picked based on the photos in the portfolio I created for him.

“I only have my portfolio photos to speak for me. It’s not as if they’re going to call and say, ‘Oh I want to have a conversation to see if this person is workable or anything.’ Literally the photos are all I have to go on. So that’s how I was selected.”

The half-day gig turned into a full day gig, says Anthony.

“It was an awesome crew that I got to work with, it was a great time, and I’m thrilled with how the photos turned out.”

back of pro bowl uniform

close up of cleats for probowl

Anthony says it’s important for a model’s portfolio to stand out in order to get work like this even when you’re already signed with an agency.

“As a model at an agency, you are one grain of rice in a massive pile. And people just shift thru and shift thru, so you absolutely have to stand out in order to get work like this. And that’s why I went to you as a photographer rather than other options that I had available. Because the photos are what sell you. You don’t have a chance to sell yourself other than thru your photos.”

Here’s an example of some of the images I created for Anthony’s portfolio

two portfolio images

running action photo

fitness model swinging sideways in city

two urban boxing photos of model

Anthony says in terms of getting modeling work, a high-quality portfolio is important. That portfolio will easily pay for itself when you book that first job with Nike.

“I could have paid for my shoot with you, the portfolio shoot, several times over,” says Anthony about what he earned from Nike for this gig.

Next up for Anthony? Hopefully more work with Nike. He just had a casting call there last week.

Your own shot at being a Nike model is only a phone call away. Call me at 503.936.9121 to find out how I can help you create your own portfolio to get really cool modeling jobs like this one!

model Anthony with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited
Football photos from Nike

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