Another Model Success Story

fitness model playing basketball on an outdoor court

Chaudrey was already signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited when he came to me for a portfolio. His goal was to get photos that would help him book work with companies like Nike.

basketball move on outdoor court

runner resting in urban setting

runner on red track and field

lifestyle and fitness photo of male model

Less than a month after getting his portfolio done with me, Chaudrey’s agency emailed him to ask if he was interested in an Air Jordan Nike modeling gig. He said it was really exciting to book that job.

“Super excited, very jittery, I mean nervous about it at the same time because it was my first (commercial) shoot. I was overjoyed with excitement.”

Chaudrey says the Nike crew kept him busy on the outdoor set.

“Pulling the sled out on the football field, running with a parachute, running in the stands, and then running along an outdoor trail. It was amazing. Definitely got a workout, that’s for sure.”

Despite his initial nervousness, every thing worked out great. The Nike crew was awesome, says Chaudrey.

“Very cool people, very easy to shoot with. They were very down to earth, very patient with everything I did.”

And when first saw the video, Chaudrey thought it was awesome.

“I got even more excited about it. It has me excited to do my next shoot.”

Before you can get modeling work with companies like Nike, you need a solid portfolio. I can help with that and will make it a lot of fun too. Don’t take my word for it. When I asked Chaudrey what it was like working with me, he said it was great.

“It was actually uplifting and inspiring. You’re very easy to work with. And you give your model, you give them confidence that they can actually do the shoot.”

Chaudrey says not only did his portfolio pay for itself by booking just a single model gig, but he learned some tips on posing more naturally from working with me too.

“While we were shooting, you said, ‘Here, I’m going to show you a trick. Everytime you’re ready to pause in between photos, it’s time to jump around real quick before you go back into the pose’ so I caught myself doing that a few times.”

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