model standing in desert wearing cowboy hat and swimsuit

The above photo is one of my most popular photos. It was created in 2009 in the desert outside Las Vegas.

For years, I’ve been happy with it. I decided recently to review the archive of that photo session to see if there was anything else cool and here’s what I found!

rough raw photo

Now the photo above is straight outta the camera – note the power lines and dust specs and sun flare. Lil’ bit of polishing up in photoshop (a lot actually) and I ended up with the stellar photo below!

cowgirl in swimsuit in the desert

The point of this post is to always safely archive your photos. And then look thru them periodically. You never know what you may have overlooked in your initial sorting of those photos! And that is the beauty of photography – it still has the ability to please even years after the photos have been created.

model: Shelby
location: Nevada desert outside Las Vegas

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