Behind-the-Scenes: Commercial Photo Session

behind the scenes on photo set

All too often we see simple, catalog style photos on a website and think nothing of them. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look from a recent catalog session for a yoga clothing company.

Now before a single photo is created, a team has to be put together – model, hair/makeup artist, stylist/designer, and photographer. Everybody arrives at the same time but we all have different jobs. The hair/makeup artist starts in with the model while the designer steams clothes and the photographer works on lighting the white seamless background. Even when that’s done, there are still final touch ups and adjustments to the model on set.

Once everything gets dialed in, the photography finally begins. This project was fairly simple – five or six front poses, five or six back poses, then switch outfits and repeat until everything was photographed.

photographer and model behind-the-scenes on set

behind-the-scenes in the studio with model photographer and makeup artist

Catalog style photos on white seamless are fine but once those are done, I like to finish with a bit of creativity. I usually try some more editorial style photos. Clients never complain when you provide them with additional options in terms of photos!

three finished photos

finished editorial photo

You might think everything is wrapped up at this point but in reality, there’s still loads of work to be done behind-the-scenes. Client has to get all the photos (I deliver them digitally via the web). Then they have to make their selections for what they plan to use on their website. This particular client wants a uniform template background so once selections are made, I change out the background on the selections to that template. Depending on the number of photos, that can take anywhere from a day or two of work. See that screengrab below? Those are all the photos selected from this session with the template background added. Finished photos are then uploaded and a link is sent to the client for them to download. On this project, I put the editorial style photos in a different gallery but they were also retouched and sent off at this stage.

screengrab showing all the edited photos

Finally, client adds the photos to their website and can start taking customer orders. So as you can see, there’s a lot of work behind-the-scenes for those seemingly simple photos you see on the web when you’re shopping for clothes or whatever!

website screengrab with final photos

yoga clothes Kira Grace
model Kori Isfeld represented by Q6 Talent
yoga clothing designer/stylist Stephanie Garbuio
hair/makeup Amanda Senter
photographer Pete Springer

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