Behind the Scenes of a Catalog Photo Project

For some reason, editing video has always been a challenge for me. I enjoy shooting and creating it, but when it comes to editing, I get mentally paralyzed. Not sure why.

In an effort to overcome this, I’m taking advantage of the 15 second length limit on instagram videos. Even I can edit a 15 second video, right? Inch by inch, it’s a cinch and all that. So here’s my first effort in that 15 second format – a behind the scenes look at a recent catalog style session photographing women’s yoga clothes in studio.

The project itself was fairly basic – get a front and back photo on a white background of a model wearing different fitness clothes. The retouching was a different story though! Client wanted the same background for each photo and provided a template – it’s a slightly off-white background. So every single photo you see here had to have the background manually swapped out to the client template! That took longer than creating the actual photos!

various catalog style images

two close up looks of model in yoga clothes

Anyway, keep an eye out for more video from me in the future. You don’t even have to check this blog – just follow me on instagram. That’s where I’ll be posting most of these 15 second videos while I brush up on my video editing skills.

model Kori with Q6 Talent
hair/makeup Amanda Senter
clothes Kira Grace

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