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model getting makeup done by mua

I have a fashion project coming up this weekend. It’s a portfolio project meaning it’s for me and my intern to get portfolio images. I was able to book an agency model no problem (thanks Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited!) Booking hair/makeup has been quite a different challenge.

I’m blogging about it because I find it fascinating just how many people call themselves hair/makeup artists in the Portland area, yet how few of them actually reply to business inquiries or have legit contact info.

Let’s start with the good news – there are professional MUA’s in Portland who actually do respond to booking requests.

My first inquiry went to Amanda Senter who has been helping me a lot lately with fitness looks. She wasn’t available but she did reply quickly and referred me to another MUA. Thanks Amanda!

Next call was to Jessica Belknap. I’ve known Jessica for years and we’ve worked together a bunch. She wasn’t available either, but also gave me some names of other MUA’s.

Next up, I called Christine Shields and left a voicemail. Christine did not even bother replying.

Emailed Eve White next. She replied fast but wasn’t available the day I needed a makeup artist. She gave me some referrals too.

Looked up Kelliana Cole next and couldn’t find a website or phone number so I emailed the email on her instagram. Turns out she’s on maternity leave.

I put the full-court press on this morning since it’s Tuesday and I need someone Saturday. Looked up Carrie Strahle and there was no phone number on her website. Seriously – why do people make it difficult to get in touch? I’m supposed to fill out a web form just to see if I can hire you? I’m trying to pay you to do work – why make that difficult? So I had to email her.

Called Christina Stanley next and left a voicemail. Didn’t get a reply.

Also called Olivia Hawthorne and left a voicemail. She got back to me about 15 minutes later and was available so I booked her. I would have called Olivia sooner but I know Saturdays are usually busy for her so I figured there was no way she was open this weekend. Glad I was wrong.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is make it EASY for people to get a hold of you when they want to hire you! I will always call someone over email or texting – it’s the way successful businesses communicate. You ever heard of UPS? Guess how they contact drivers and employees? Yup, by phone! Actual phone calls! If it works for UPS, it will work for you too! Seriously, if I’m having trouble booking hair/makeup (a process I am very familiar with) – just imagine potential clients who have never done that before.

Model in the photos featured above is Victoria with hair and makeup by Jessica Belknap.

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