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two models in a car with a dog

Headed up the local mountain recently with two fitness models to get some snowshoe action photos. Our first stop at over 4000 feet didn’t have any snow! It’s been a bleak year for snow on Mt. Hood. So we shifted gears to running photos. We had also hoped to use the dog in some photos but he wasn’t exactly being cooperative.

two models unloading snowshoes from car

two models standing outdoors

two models running on mt hood

two fitness models running down a trail

two outdoor photos of female model

Anyway, I caught up with one of the models from this series recently. I’ve worked with Kori (model wearing the red jacket in most of these images) several times over the years. Kori has been modeling since she was five years old so she definitely knows her way around the industry. She’s modelled for Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Fred Meyer, Icebreaker, and EQ Swimwear among others. I asked her why it’s important to keep a modelling portfolio updated even when you’re already booking jobs. Kori says it’s because clients want to see fresh and new work.

“Clients want to see new photos even though they’ve booked you the last ten years, they want to see new photos. New imagery, even if you’re a model who books, you know, five days out of the week, new imagery shows that you’re working, shows that you’re keeping your body, and you’re keeping your look up, you haven’t changed.”

I helped Kori update her fitness portfolio this past November. I asked her what it’s like to work with me.

“It’s different than with any other photographer in the sense that truly, you bring a sense of life and energy to the photo shoot that I feel like as a model, it brings life to the model. It’s not a fake smile or a fake laugh. I feel like we should work harder because you’re running around and it picks up the tempo. There’s never lulls in the in the photo shoot because I feel like your energy keeps it up for the model.”

Her recent portfolio update caught the eye of REI and they booked Kori in February. Kori says it’s exciting to get a call from her agency asking if she wants to model for REI.

“It’s so exciting, it’s so awesome, I can’t wait to work with a new client and meet new people. New experience, new place, it’s really exciting.”

For REI, she spent the day modelling fitness apparel and doing still photos and video. It was her first time modelling for REI.

“It was so fun. One of my goals was to book REI and I got it this year. All good things for 2015.”

Kori’s next big goal is to get an agent in a bigger market to help her pursue more lifestyle and fitness work.

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Kori is a model with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited

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