Livebooks Vs A Photo Folio

Livebooks vs A Photo Folio

  • June 12, 2016

Back in the day (like ten years ago or more) Adobe Flash was the bomb! That's my original flash site…

Being A UPS Driver Helper

Being a UPS Driver Helper

  • January 1, 2016

I've always wanted to work for UPS. Specifically, I've always wanted to be the guy running packages from truck to…



  • November 5, 2014

  Creative Live is an awesome online and FREE learning resource. They initially started with photography classes but these days…

Re-Thinking The Selfie

Re-Thinking the Selfie

  • September 17, 2014

This post is a travel post about a recent trip to Waldo Lake. All the photos were done by me…

How to Avoid Being Late

  • August 6, 2014

Five years ago, I was late for everything. Five or ten minutes late. I thought it was simply a sign…

FB – Wow!

FB – wow!

  • June 4, 2014

I have been very vocal about how much I hate the way FB throttles business pages. That means FB doesn't…

email newsletter sign-up

  • February 23, 2014

Facebook business pages used to be a great way to reach a wide audience. But over the last year, FB…

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

  • February 9, 2014

  The Portland area started getting snow on Thursday and then ice yesterday and today. This city FREAKS out when…


  • November 22, 2013

Here's a HUGE tip for other photographers out there who might be reading this.   Meet your clients in-person for…


  • September 10, 2013

My photography business mentor Charles Lewis has a saying that goes something like this, "Never take advice from people who…

Gaming FB Business Pages

gaming FB business pages

  • September 8, 2013

  Regular readers of this blog know I'm no fan of FB's algorithm used to determine how many people actually…

what difference a day makes

  • August 1, 2013

That cool new client website I unveiled yesterday? Turns out it's pretty much useless at the moment. Shows thumbnails only…