Easy, Cheap iPhone Tripod

coffee cup iphone tripod

Spotted an empty coffee cup in the model’s car during a recent location photo session. With her permission, I did a quick conversion into a tripod for my iPhone. And now I’ve gone behind-the-scenes (BTS) crazy.

I’ve been trying to get at least one cool BTS per session lately and the crazy thing is when I post these on instagram and FB – people love them! Easily my most popular social media posts are the BTS posts.

Below are some examples of these posts (they were originally sized for instagram so I just added a bigger border for this blog post):

bts and swimwear photo

I like the above photo series quite a bit. It shows how the world sees me vs how I see the world. Model is Kelly Elizabeth (@thekellyelizabeth on instagram).

bts plus swimwear photo

bts of photographer and swimwear model

bts of swimwear model and photographer

studio bts of model in front of windows

bts of photographer and model outdoors

Told you I’ve been going a little crazy with the BTS images lately! All thanks to that cheap and easy iPhone coffee cup tripod!

Redhead model is Alicia (@aliciapk and the studio model in the blue tank is Ashley (@ashleynicolebracelin08).

And one note – I have definitely stopped posting frequently to this blog. Most of my work is coming from referrals and instagram right now so I’ve really let the blog slip. It’s a lot of work for the ROI. I’ll still try to post a couple of times a month but honestly – my instagram @petespringer is the best place to follow my most recent work. I post there almost daily.

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