Evolution of a Swimwear Photo

behind the scenes with swimwear model in a shallow pool

Here’s the story behind a single photo. I built a shallow “pool” in my backyard and used a ladder to get a photo of a model laying in a couple inches of water (upper left).

The photo out of the camera (upper right) looks good but it’s difficult to tell she’s in water and that’s sort of the whole point. I started adding my own ripples in photoshop and they didn’t look very good (middle left) so I quickly abandoned that effort.

Next, I sent the photo to a retouching company that specializes in fast and cheap retouching. They sent back the photo on the middle right. Still not what I had in mind. So I sent them a different ripple idea and they sent back the photo on the lower left. Looks good but still not what I had in mind. It’s still difficult to tell she’s in water.

Finally, I contacted Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch (I met him in a workshop years ago) and he came up with photo on the lower right which was perfect! The trick he used was to leave the shadow and create more ripple around the model so it still appears she’s in water. Voila! It worked.

So you can see just how much work went into that single photo. It was definitely a team effort. Model Amanda, makeup Amanda Senter, retouching Solstice Retouch, photographer Pete Springer. Four people just to get one photo!

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