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I was so busy creating fitness model portfolios at the end of summer that I got way behind on blog posts. Rainy season is here unfortunately which means I have a bit more time to catch up on computer work. So here’s the first in a series of posts looking back at some of the portfolio work I was doing over the summer.

In August, I worked with Kilyn to put together a fitness port. Kilyn is represented by Option Model and Media Here are the images her agent selected for her portfolio. The images are actual screengrabs of her port from the agency website.

Funny story – when we were doing the portfolio, a two-alarm fire broke out a block from the studio. Since I like to work outdoors, I usually just use the studio as a base for changing and storing gear and rest breaks. On the night of this portfolio, there were twenty fire trucks within a block of the studio, including two parked in the street out front! The street in front of my studio is normally quiet with little traffic. But this commercial fire created a detour right down that street so it was just about impossible to work out there without dodging cars and fire trucks and firefighters! Plus the red lights on the fire trucks were creating all sorts of red color casts on everything. So all things considered, I think we came up with some pretty decent photos considering how many people and cars were around!

two fitness model portfolio photos on agency website

two model portfolio images on fitness agency webpage

fitness model photo on option portfolio website

final two model portfolio images on option website

Anyway, every portfolio I create is as different and as unique as the model being photographed. It’s important to have a photographer who can be flexible and adaptable to whatever conditions might occur – from rain to a commercial fire to hot weather. So when you’re ready to create or update your modelling portfolio, give me a call at 503.936.9121

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