The Pacific Northwest has fantastic opportunities for fitness photos. There are many outdoor locations, lots of gyms, and yoga studios. Whether you’re a model looking to add fitness photos to your portfolio or you’re just looking to get great photos of all that hard work you’ve put into conditioning, I can help.

fitness photos in studio

Many of my clients are personal trainers looking to promote their businesses. Great photos will definitely attract more clients.

four fitness photos

I’ve also worked with lots clients who are nervous in front of the camera and need help with posing and what to wear. No problem. I can help direct and pose you so you will look your best. I have loads of creative ideas when it comes to fitness photography.

fitness model on playground

Fitness sessions are fun and productive.You’ve worked hard to get your body looking great and your photos will reflect that.

fitness photo on the coast

I also offer free pre-session photo consultations to discuss what you want to get during a photo session. We’ll talk about what kind of outfits will work, whether you might need a hair/makeup artist, and what locations you want to try. So call 503.936.9121 to schedule your complimentary consultation!