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Samia lives in Austin, Texas. She said she found my work on instagram.

“I like how clean your photos were with natural light”

So she sent me a message about doing a fitness and headshot photo session on a recent visit to Portland. She said she liked how accessible I am.

“You responded quickly on instagram. You were very professional and organized.”

We agreed on a photo session plan and date. Only problem was the day and time we selected was horrible weather with snow and sleet in the forecast. So we re-scheduled for her final morning in Portland. Samia didn’t have a car so I picked her up and took her to several outdoor locals – a plan she said worked well for her.

“You kept me on my toes, you kept me moving, you kept me good from one shot to the next. I like that spontaneity, for me it works.”

She said even though we only met the day of the photo session, it was fun and comfortable to work together.

“You’re open and friendly,” she told me on the phone a week after the photo session. “You were very helpful. I felt like you were leading me through it which was good.”

Samia has also done a couple of other photo sessions with other photographers. But she says they were more expensive.

“I feel like it was an amazing deal,” she said about working with me. “An amazing deal for the amount you charged. Yeah, a really good deal.”

So if you’re looking for your own deal on a photo session, give me a call 503.936.9121

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