Making Headshots Fun

Like a whole lot of people, I personally do not like getting my photo taken. I rarely look relaxed or good in photos. So I understand the anxiety people face when getting headshots taken. You want to look professional yet friendly. Not too stiff but not too silly.

When Colina first contacted me about headshots, I could tell she was nervous. She wanted to capture her eclectic look and personality, but she didn’t want to emphasize her body. She has braces but smiling with them was not an issue.

We ran thru some studio photos before heading outdoors. Studio photos are tough – most people adopt their school-portrait-deer-in-the-headlights look. So I actually like to start with studio photos just to get people relaxed. They get their awkwardness out a bit, and by the time we move outdoors, clients are usually a bit more relaxed. And compared to the studio, outdoors is full of fresh air and breeze and sun and it’s pretty tough to look stressed out when you’re outdoors walking around on a decent day.

Here are some samples of headshots I got with Colina.

two fun headshots

outdoor relaxed headshot

A day after sending Colina her headshots, I received this email thank you from her:

“Thank you so much! The photos are absolutely amazing!!!! Taking pictures is anxiety provoking for me, but you helped me to feel relaxed during the process and gave good instructions on what to do. I’m truly pleased with the outcome, and it was a pleasure working with you.” – Colina Cole, Portland, Oregon

Headshots might not seem like something fun to undertake but when you work with me, I’ll make sure you’re relaxed and that you have fun! And you’ll love the results! So when it comes time for headshots, give me a call 503.936.9121

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