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Looking over my bank account today and I noticed I had been double charged by Media Temple last month. Media Temple is a web hosting service where this blog is hosted. Mistakes happen, I thought, not a big deal – I’ll call them and get the charge reversed. Oh if only it was that simple!

Called their main number and an automated system answered. “Billing” was not an option so I selected “Sales”. Someone answered right away (ironic how sales departments answer their phones right away but no other departments do) and he transferred me to “Billing”. I spent 25 minutes on hold. Twenty-five minutes. Let’s put that in perspective, shall we? Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is an 8 minute song. I could have listened to “Stairway to Heaven” three times while on hold and still had time to spare. And… while on hold, I missed a call from a perspective client. Thanks Media Temple for wasting my time over your mistake.

Finally got a live person and explained the double billing mistake. That should be it, right? Not with Media Temple. Even with my account number and a live person on the phone, the Media Temple rep told me I had to log-in to their site to verify everything. Huh? Okay, only there’s some special PIN to log-in that they gave me when I created the account and I have absolutely no idea what or where the PIN is since I’ve never needed it and don’t use it to post on this blog. I’m betting the majority of you are like this too – you cannot possibly keep track of every single online account you have especially when you don’t ever use those accounts. Media Temple would not budge. Their rep told me repeatedly that she could not help me out unless I logged into their website – even though they had my account number, the date of the double charge, the amount, etc, etc – and the whole matter was their mistake in the first place! In order to log-in to their website, I would need to reset my password which we all know is a pain in the ass requiring you to wait for an email, click a link to change the password, etc, etc. All for something that was a mistake by Media Temple! So I asked for a supervisor, got put on hold again, and after five more minutes on hold, I hung up.

Called my bank, explained the situation, disputed the charge and told them Media Temple refused to reverse it for me, and in three minutes, the charge was reversed and the problem solved.

Here’s the crazy thing – Media Temple could have resolved this in seconds. Instead they were jerks about it insisting I log-in to their website to file the dispute (even though I was on the phone with them) and now they may face a one-time dispute fee, and if they get enough disputes like this from other customers, they will end up paying higher fees to accept credit/debit cards!

Oh and the best part? Media Temple just emailed me that indeed they had double charged me and they would now reverse the charges – even though they repeatedly told me I needed to log-in to their website for that to happen! This is hands down some of the worst customer service I have ever received.

Let me assure you that if you hire me as a photographer, I will happily deal with any concerns quickly and efficiently without requiring you to jump through any hoops or log-in to any websites or wait on hold for 25 minutes. Providing great service to my clients is something I pride myself on! Sure wish it was something Media Temple also thought was worthwhile.

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Pete Springer Photography, Portland, Oregon

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