Model Portfolio Lands Nike Job

model holding ipad with Nike ad

Jade was signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited last year but she wasn’t booking work because she only had cell phone photos in her portfolio. So she contacted me to put together a more polished portfolio. It worked. Within a month, she was booking modeling jobs with Nike.

I caught up with Jade recently. She says that first Nike job was really exciting.

“I was so excited. I got an email from one of the agents at the office saying Nike wants you for this shoot and be there at this time. It’s just kind of overwhelming because it’s like this is really happening. I was really happy because I’ve always wanted to model for Nike. I’ve played sports my entire life. As little kid, I always felt like, I can do that, you know, so it was actually cool to see that moment happen.”

Her first gig with Nike was doing running photos on the bridges near downtown Portland. One of the photos turned out so good, both Nike and Jade’s agency featured it on their social media accounts. It’s the photo Jade is holding in the image above. Jade told me the story behind the photo.

“It was actually kind of cold, a little bit rainy at some points, and that was one of the last shots they took and it ended up being the one on their facebook and some of their advertising so it was kind of cool to see.”

That gig led to more Nike work, including fit modeling 2016 Olympic sprinter uniforms.

“I have a sprinter kind of body, I guess. And so they would custom fit, put the uniform on me, and say ‘Oh I like it to fit more like this’ then take it back to this shop, sew it a little, bring it out and try it on again and see how it fits.”

Jade has also booked running jobs for Nike and fashion shows on the main campus in Beaverton.

“They have shows for the consumers for the product for next year. And so they’ll have the models walk out on the runway and show to the new consumers to see if they like the product and it will go to market.”

It all started with a solid portfolio. Jade and I just completed an update to her original portfolio with fresh headshots, running photos, and some lifestyle photos. I asked her what it’s like working with me.

“It’s great. I feel at ease because I’ve already worked with you before. And you’re really laid back and instruct me well. Overall it’s really good.”

As far a modeling goals, Jade says she wants to keep doing Nike gigs.

“More Nike. Yes, I love Nike. I love working on campus too.”

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