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Shelby updated her portfolio with me last April. In high school, she had done sports modelling, but had to give it up to play soccer on a college team. College athletic rules prohibited her from sports modeling while on the team. She needed fresh photos so that’s what we set out to create.

I recently caught up with Shelby to see how things had gone since her portfolio update with me. She told me the update has been helping her book great modelling jobs.

“It wasn’t even two months once I got my portfolio updated that I booked my first Nike gig.”

That gig led to other modelling jobs. In less than a year since her portfolio update, she said she has booked over a half dozen jobs.

“I’ve done Reebok, two Adidas shoots, two other Nike in-line media stuff. Oh, and I did Amer Sports, snowboarding.”

One Nike booking took five castings before they offered her a job playing soccer on a barge on the Willamette River to promote the MLS All-Star Game in Portland. Shelby says that was a lot of fun.

“I was super stoked, especially with soccer, I mean it was my world. They sent me an email telling me I was booked for it and the money that would come thru and everything. You’re just super excited to work with Nike, I mean that’s one of the biggest names you can work for.”

Those photos ended up on 26 billboards and four lightrail trains in the Portland area.

Another exciting job she booked was for Reebok.

“Reebok was trail running. We did a casting at one of the parks and we just ran around trees. And then when they booked me, it was just running trails back and forth.”

Shelby said it’s always great to book a job after a casting call.

“You never really know when you leave because you see so many people there. But it feels pretty cool, I mean you’re chosen out of forty or fifty other models so you feel pretty good about yourself, feel pretty excited.”

Yet another modelling gig she recently booked was as a hand model for Starbucks. Shelby said that job got booked based on a running photo I created for her in her portfolio (upper right photo in the composite above).

“They looked at my hands from one of the running photos and liked what they saw.”

The actual hand modeling job was something she had never done before.

“It was interesting. I never realized it took four hours to do a hand modelling shoot. Didn’t know so much went into placing coffee cups and hands and rings. Everyone I worked with was really cool, it was really enjoyable.”

I asked Shelby what it was like working with me on her portfolio update.

“It was really awesome! You’re really easy to talk to, easy to direct me, the lighting on your pictures was phenomenal, we had a lot of fun kicking soccer balls and chasing soccer balls, running around the track, you even made studio sports bra work really comfortable.”

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Shelby is with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited

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