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Jon is a model and actor with Ryan Artists. I put together his portfolio last year.

The first job he booked was for Nike – modeling the Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 collection at a fashion show on the Nike campus.

two photos of guy model playing basketball

track and field photos of model

guy running bleacher stairs

guy resting on bleachers

I asked Jon what it was like when he found out that he booked that job.

“I literally was doing the Michael Jordan jump up in the air fist pump, you know. It was an absolute hoot. I called my mom and my girlfriend. ‘I got it! I got it! I got it!’ I freaked. My first goal as a model or actor was I wanted to work for Nike. Like that was a big, big thing for me.”

Jon was the first model on the runway. He says the gig was a lot of fun – but he was also a little bit nervous.

“It was kind of crazy because it was – ‘Are they looking at me or the clothes?'”

But Jon pulled it off and he’s looking forward to more work with companies like Nike and Adidas. That’s why he updated his portfolio with me recently. He says my photos are a great value and I’m fun to work with.

“Absolutely a blast. Professional and for the money, you literally cannot get anything better. The difference between some of the test shoots I’ve done with Nike and Adidas and stuff like that – and what you’ve done – are damn near identical.”

Jon appreciates the tips and advice I provide during portfolio sessions too.

“It makes everything a lot easier as a model to be working with someone like you.”

You own model success story is only a phone call away. Call me at 503.936.9121 to make your modeling dream come true!

Jon is represented by Ryan Artists

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