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I was testing out my new website to see if it was mobile friendly and just for fun tested my blog. It came up with all sorts of errors and google basically said, “Your blog sucks on mobile devices.” Yikes!

Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile friendly meaning my blog was not making it into the search listings. Which is a huge shame because there’s six years of photo work that potential clients were not seeing when they searched for photographers in Portland.

Time for a new blog. The old one was designed to match the design of my old website which means it was a bit dated. Google was right. It looked and worked pretty sloppy on a smartphone or tablet.

I spent hours testing wordpress templates and not having much luck. I finally settled on Visual Theme and started tweaking it. It wasn’t just a matter of changing the theme and walking away. A lot of pages from the old blog no longer worked and my sidebar had some issues, etc. I still can’t figure out how to get rid of the comment box under each thumb and text on the home page but I got a whole bunch of other stuff figured out. WordPress is pretty amazing.

Oh – and the new blog looks great on mobile devices. So a big thank you to google for calling it like it is!

New website, new blog, new studio – time to take this business to the next level!

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