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poster on power pole

belly dance poster on city street

two different belly dance posters on street

dance troupe on poster on power pole

belly dance teacher on poster on street

free belly dance lesson card

Recently created some images for a poster promoting a “Goddess/Solstice” event with a belly dancer named Sedona whom I have worked with a number of times over the years. We met up last week so I could get a copy of that poster and today I got around to photographing some of the belly dancer posters and fliers I’ve photographed for Sedona over the years. Instead of a boring photo of the posters on the floor, I opted to put them on power poles on Hawthorne Blvd to photograph them! The last photo is from a double-sided postcard featuring my photos that Sedona used to give away complimentary belly dance lessons.

Anyway, kind of cool to see my work around town even if this particular set-up was staged. These posters and fliers have appeared all over in unstaged settings so it’s not really a stretch to photograph them like this and it’s a whole lot more efficient than driving around town trying to find every poster and flier!

Here’s a link to Sedona’s website

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