Published in Health Magazine

published photo in Health Magazine

I’m very excited to have a photo published in the November 2016 issue of Health Magazine! The magazine contacted me back in July, then we did the photo session in August, and now it’s in print! Yay! It’s for a Health feature called “I Did It!” about women who have changed their lives by getting in shape and losing weight and changing how they eat. Emily Liedtke lost 211 pounds so you can see why they featured her!

I gave Health about fifty options to select from. It’s always interesting what photo editors select – not sure this is what I would have picked but then again, it’s not my publication! The original photo is posted below:

original photo

This story is about Emily and not me but it’s still very exciting to get a photo published in a national fitness magazine. I also love that it’s an inspirational, motivational story instead of just a pretty picture. I like to be positive with my photography. Oh and the Health website gave me a photo credit too! Often websites don’t list photo credits so that’s a bonus.

website tearsheet with photo credit

One more note about this photo. When the Health photo editor contacted me, she asked for hair/makeup recommendations. I gave her three recommendations and ironically enough, she had worked with by Kristen Arnett before in New York City so that’s who she hired. I hadn’t worked with Kristen in years so that was fun. Kristen helped me out when I was just starting in photography a dozen years ago. She later moved to NYC and Milan, Italy and made it big-time as a makeup artist before returning to Oregon. So it was cool to collaborate on a project for a national publication. Of course, Kristen has worked for many national publications. This isn’t my first big magazine project but it’s still exciting!

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