Road Trip

camping in the rain in northern california

Took a little time off for Christmas and road tripped down to California to visit family. It’s a long drive so I usually camp on the way and on the way back. Photo above is from near Lake Shasta on the way down. It started raining in the night and into the morning making for a soggy wakeup. I needed to get back on the road so I literally cooked breakfast and made coffee on the back bumper of my car. You can see my fancy road trip kitchen above.

Visited with family the week of Christmas then headed my way back north.

sunset trinidad

Captured the image above with my iphone on the beach at Trinidad in northern California. I was still headed a bit farther north and with darkness so early these days, I rolled into Gold Bluff Beach campground a bit later than I hoped.

nighttime at campground

The campground was crowded which surprised me since it was the end of December and quite cold outside. The moon was crazy bright though! You can see my headlamp I use when camping – I generally keep it on the red color setting to preserve my night vision. Love that feature on the headlamp!

frozen leaves

It dipped below freezing overnight and there was ice all over my tent and on the grass and leaves. The beach sand was frozen when I went to walk the dog in the morning!

sunrise on forest road

The sun came out on my drive back to Hwy 101 and it was absolutely gorgeous along Davidson Road.

rock with quartz

Next stop was False Klamath Cove where I found this very cool rock on the beach. Normally, I don’t get excited by rocks but this one has a vein of quartz in it that looks like a lightning bolt. It totally caught by eye then I started thinking about the forces that could compress the quartz and balsalt (?) into one solid mass and I was really impressed.

howland hill road

Final stop was in the redwoods on the Oregon/California border. Photo above is from Howland Hill Road which is my favorite road ever. It’s lined by massive redwoods and so much fun to drive! So scenic and pretty. Photos do not do the redwoods justice – you really feel their presence when you’re around them. Some of those trees are well over a thousand years old and at least for me, I can feel that ancient living creature just by standing near one of them. The redwoods are truly amazing and should be on everyone’s must-see list.

Back in Portland and will be posting fresh fitness photos soon so check back! 2014 was an awesome year and 2015 is going to be even more fantastic! Happy New Year!

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