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two basketball photos of sports model in action

sports model playing football outdoors

Jonny Shedrick called me last summer. He needed a portfolio for sports and fitness modelling. He had just signed with Option Model and Media in Portland.

We put together a whole series of fitness and sports photos – including images of Jonny on the basketball court, playing football, and just being active outdoors.

Jonny showing off some moves in an urban setting

sports model jonny jumping on football field

In October, Nike was looking for a model who could dunk a basketball for a series of ads for their Jumpman brand. Jonny booked the gig and said it was really exciting.

“For me, to be able to play basketball and be seen like that, it was amazing.”

The photos below are examples from instagram of Jonny in action for Jumpman.

two jumpman photos from instagram

But that was only the beginning. Jonny booked another gig. And then he booked a huge gig with Adidas modelling NBA All-Star uniforms. This one involved a flight to New Orleans. Jonny is a big fan of the NBA so this was a fantastic opportunity.

“I didn’t believe it until I showed up at the airport at three in the morning and flew out. It was just shocking.”

Adidas put him up in a five-star hotel in New Orleans with complimentary room service. He spent his days modelling NBA uniforms in different locations.

“I was really excited but then also slightly nervous because it was only my third shoot so I was definitely really nervous and really excited and it was the NBA! And that’s like crazy because I’ve always watched all this stuff, all the dunk contests and everything. I never thought that I’d be in the NBA but always dreamed that I would be. And so being able to wear the uniforms, it’s like I had a little piece of that for the time being.”

Those photos appeared on the front page of the Adidas website as well as the ESPN app and website.

two NBA all-star photos from instagram

While Jonny obviously stays in incredible shape and is constantly working to advance his modelling goals, he says working with me on his portfolio was really helpful. And fun.

“It was a lot of fun. I feel like we got together and got along really well. And you gave me a lot of good advice and you helped me find my angles and stuff like that.”

Jonny says my encouragement kept him moving forward.

“We were shooting one day and you pulled me aside and you told me ‘Option was very lucky that they signed you, that they found you because you’re going to do really well.’ And so from that, I was able to really push on because I knew that you worked with a couple of people that did pretty well so it was really helpful.”

As far as the future goes, Jonny is hoping to build up more connections with both Nike and Adidas. He’d ultimately like to get some international modelling work and get a chance to see the world.

boxing photo of Jonny

Your own modelling dream starts just like Jonny’s – with a solid portfolio that will grab the attention of big name clients. So give me a call at 503.936.9121 to find out how to make that happen!

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