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I recently had a chance to catch up with Sheril on a commercial photo project. We first met last year when I put together a portfolio for her. That portfolio got her get signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited. I asked Sheril how it’s been going since then.

She told me she’s been getting lots of modeling work. For example, she models for the REI website about once a month.

“It’s fun to see myself on their website but I think my mom especially is more excited than anyone.”

Another steady modeling job Sheril does is fit modeling for Nike swimwear.

“That’s basically trying on swimsuits, giving your feedback on how it fits, how it feels. And if you think it looks good, if it’s something you would wear, what you would wear it to.”

Sheril also modeled for a Columbia Sportswear fashion show recently. She said that was super fun.

“Being able to walk the runway with different kinds of clothes with music, and having, there were lots of people out there. It was kind of a big party, seeing all the new looks.”

Photos of her have been on and also featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.

I asked Sheril what goes through her mind when she gets a call or email from her agency telling her she booked a job.

“Oh I’m really excited to have a job and thinking about how I need to stay fit. I like to stay fit and it gives me a little more motivation.”

The motivation is definitely working for Sheril. And it all started with a portfolio to get signed with a modeling agency. That’s something I can create for you too. In fact, I specialize in model portfolios. And my portfolio sessions are fun and productive. Don’t take my word for it. I asked Sheril what it’s like working with me.

“It’s easy to work with you. And you make it fun at the same time. I love your positive energy. And I love your dog.” (my dog usually comes to the studio with me)

Your own modeling success story is only a phone call away. Call me at 503.936.9121 to find out how to create a successful portfolio that will get you all kinds of work.

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