What It’s Really Like

cold model in california along river and coast

running photo in scenic location

Top photo is a test shot behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like at a photo session. Often it’s cold and there’s a lot of standing around while the photographer gets dialed in. By the time the light was good at the location, I had been running around with this model for several hours outdoors and she was pretty cold – note the hoodie and stocking cap. She’s a tough model though so off came the hoodie and hat and warm clothes and on came a smile and determination!

To get the bottom photo, the model had to run up and down that hill, then back and forth, dozens of times until we were certain we had captured the image we were seeking. Even so, I ended up photoshopping her hair from another photo onto the winning running shot because I like how it fanned out behind her. So while the bottom image is exactly what I was hoping we would capture, it didn’t just drop into my lap! Running photos can be especially tough because everything – muscles, form, expression, hair, setting – has to come together all in 1/1000 of a second that the photographer captures the image.

model Katherine
location Gualala, California

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