Miss Oregon USA 2014

two screengrabs of miss oregon usa

my headshot of Miss Oregon USA


I did some headshots of Emma last spring. About a month ago, Emma contacted me and told me she was going to use one of them for her Miss Oregon USA application! The pageant sponsors then used the photo in the pageant program for the Miss Oregon USA competition last night in Portland. And Emma won!


So my photo was all over FB as people snapped photos of it and posted it along with comments congratulating Emma! Now of course I’m not pretending my photo is the reason Emma won the contest. But it is very cool she used it as her headshot and won Miss Oregon USA 2014!


The real irony is that Emma did her own hair and makeup for our headshot session. I’ve long been an advocate of hiring a hair and makeup artist for photo sessions and just this last year I decided to experiment with models doing their own hair and makeup. Most of the time (as in the case with Emma) it actually works quite well. So it was kind of funny this weekend when completely unrelated, I ran across a youtube video by photographer Joe Edelman. While I’m a big fan of Joe and his work and his videos, I have to disagree with him on this one where he tells aspiring models not to work with photographers unless the photographer insists on a hair/makeup artist. This post is proof that you can do a very successful photo session with no hair/makeup artist. And it’s not an anomaly either. I do successful photo sessions all the time where the model does her own hair/makeup.


So what I’m saying is don’t get too consumed with the process – the results are what really matters! So congratulations Emma Pelett, Miss Oregon USA 2014!


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Portland photographer Pete Springer

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  1. Jason Pritchard says:

    Pete, That’s awesome for both of you. I would think most women that want to do modeling would typically know how to do their own makeup etc. I’m sure a stylist is a nice to have but a necessity I would think not. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Jason – I’ve been liking a much more natural, candid look lately. Heavy makeup and perfect poses are fun too but it takes a really good model to pull that look off!

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