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Had a friend inquire about shooting some passport photos this weekend and did a little research. I discovered 123PassportPhoto online. It’s a free service that makes it really simple to create six duplicate government regulation passport photos ready for printing.


Of course, you still have to have a decent photo to begin with (lighting here is a beauty dish for key, reflector for fill, and two softboxes on the background). Anyway, thought I’d pass the link on and also offer up $10 passport photos– printed and ready for a passport application– to friends and family.


Yeah, you could go to Kinkos and pay $13 for only two photos lit with harsh on-camera flash. But for less money, you’ll get six photos that not look better (when was the last time you saw a beauty dish in a kinkos?), but cost less. Email me for details.


Pete Springer Photography, Portland, Oregon


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